Easy ModeUlations, 16 Original Solos for Harp, Easy


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Music samples have been made into jpgs. The music will look perfectly normal in your eBook.

You can purchase the eBook and the set of mp3 recordings, played on one of my Blevins harps.

Please note from the description: This book contains lap harp AND larger harp arrangements. 

Easy ModeUlations is a book of pieces using modes and exotic scales. It is an easier version of the ModeUlations book described below:

ModeUlations is a book of pieces using modes and exotic scales. It contains 32 pages of music, along with four pages of text (descriptions and scales of the various modes used). The harp solos are each two pages long. There are nine solos for lap harp (range of C below middle C and 24-46 strings). Seven of these are also arranged for larger harp. In some cases, I changed the key of the piece for the larger arrangement. Obviously, larger harps can play the entire book, while lap harps can play the nine lap harp-friendly pieces.

The songs: Absence (Lap Harp), Absence (Larger Harp), Aoleo (Lap Harp), Aoleo (Larger Harps), Dominoes (Lap Harp), Dominoes (Larger Harps), Dorianation (Lap Harp), Dorianation (Larger Harps), Gypsy Fantasy (Lap Harp), Gypsy Fantasy (Larger Harps), Impossibilities (Lap Harp), Leap Phrog (Lap Harp), Leap Phrog (Larger Harps), Mind Over Minor (Lap Harp), Minor Malady (Lap Harp) and Minor Malady (Larger Harp).

The audio sample is from “Dorianation.”

“Cindy, I love these pieces!! I have a friend who is beginning harp and so I have ordered the “easy” version for her. I play them for patients in my internship hospital setting, and the patients and also the staff love these. The melodies are so haunting, and seem to stay around in my brain for hours after I play them. You were on your A-Game when you wrote these!!!! Thank.” JM (MA)

My website: https://www.blevinsmusic.com

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