Meditation For Brass – Brass Quintet + Percussion

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Meditation for Brass is inspired by forms of Om mantra chanting and Buddhist meditation, to fit a theme of mindfulness and wellbeing that is associated with these. Unlike most western music which uses the tuning A=440Hz, this piece uses the tuning A=432Hz, which is said to be a resonant frequency of the universe, with the ability to heal and balance our internal energy centre. Many people maintain that it can be used to bring change, form new beginnings, and remove negative energy. The piece draws influence from a number of different styles of meditation and aims to take the listener on a journey of relaxation throughout the duration of the piece, beginning with the first ‘morning-chant’ inspired melodies on the Euphonium, building through the trumpet and Flugelhorns’ call and response exchange, and gradually slowing in pace to end with the final beating of the gong.

Written for and performed by Bangor New Music Ensemble at Bangor Music Festival (February 2020)

A relaxing work for brass quintet and percussionist, incorporating various different meditative techniques in the space of 5 minutes. The work aims to take the audience on a journey and is easy to play but produces very effective results. This piece is written in an alternative tuning of A=432Hz for full meditative effect.

This arrangement includes alternative parts for tenor horn, treble-clef euphonium and Eb bass. Alternative transpositions available on request (

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