Lap Harp Compendium, 52 Original Solos for Lap Harp


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Music samples have been made into jpgs. The music will look perfectly normal in your eBook.

You can purchase the eBook and the set of mp3 recordings, played on one of my Blevins harps.

The Lap Harp Compendium contains 52 two-page pieces and four one-page pieces, for a total of 108 pages of beautiful, original music. The book was arranged for lap harps with a bottom note of C below middle C and a top note of E (for a total of 24 strings). However, 15 of the pieces only go up to C (22 strings) and smaller harps can often work around the “highest notes” to make this book playable for them. Of course, it is a wonderful resource for harps of all sizes, even pedal harps. The pieces in this book are generally in the keys of C, F, G and D with relative minors.

There is a special edition of this book, called Bedside Lap Harp Compendium, which contains the same songs, just written all in the key of C (or minor or modal) with no levers needed. That book is also available here.

The music covers a wide spectrum of moods, keys, tempos and meters. There are songs for every occasion, from music therapy sessions to weddings and church services, and everything in between.

The audio sample is from Watching Snow Fall.

Song list: About Love, Ally In 3/4 Time, Blevinsong, Carousel, Cotton Candy Swirl, Daybreak, Daydreaming, Eden’s Garden, Evening Sky, Falling To Heaven, Feeling Fine, Field of Daydreams, First Bloom, Floating, For Joy, Harp Dance, Hollyaria, Illusions of Love, Like a Song, Listen to the Silence, Little Birds, Little Waltz, Love Song, Lullaby, Lydian Lilt, Lytle Eden, Melody, Midst of Winter, Morning Mist, Morning Song, Mourning Dove, Music Box Waltz, On Frozen Pond, One Last Chance, One More Miracle, Peaceful Feeling, Playing Around, ‘Round Midnight, Saying Goodbye, Sometimes I Wonder, Speak Softly, Star Gazer, Stop and Listen, Strolling On a Sunny Day, Summer Dance, Summer Sunrise, Summer’s Lament, The Copper Sunset, The Lily Pad, The Sweetest Thing, The Wanderer, Tinker’s Belle, To a Sunny Day, Waiting For Love, Watching Snow Fall and Water’s Edge.

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