Recharge for Concert Band

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With its high-energy outer sections, dramatically contrasting with a soft inner core, Recharge is the perfect piece to start or end a main section of your concert. The driving rock drums push the exciting rhythmic pulse underneath a soaring dramatic melody. Refresh and take in the power of “Recharge!”

INSTRUMENTATION:    * =  part shown in score

  • Flute (often doubled at the octave)*
  • Oboe*
  • Bassoon*
  • Clarinet 1 and 2*
  • Eb Alto Clarinet (covers bass line)
  • Bass Clarinet (covers bass line)*
  • Eb Alto Saxophone 1, 2*
  • Bb Tenor Saxophone*
  • Eb Baritone Saxophone (covers bass line)*
  • Trumpet in Bb 1, 2*
  • Horn in F*
  • Eb Horn
  • Trombone 1, 2, 3 in Bb Treble clef (3 is treble version of Bass Trombone)
  • Trombone 1, 2 (Bass Clef)*
  • Bass Trombone (Bass Clef)*
  • Bb Euphonium Treble clef (also for Baritones)
  • Euphonium Bass clef*
  • Tuba (concert pitch Bass clef)*
  • String Bass
  • Eb Bass Treble clef
  • Bb Bass Treble clef
  • Percussion:
    • Clash and Suspended Cymbals*
    • Glockenspiel*
    • Timpani*
    • Tambourine*
    • Kit*


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