Violin Studies, Easy, Melodic, Book One with play-alongs


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Please note that the music samples are presented as jpgs. They don’t always translate music symbols too well. Your music will look perfect in your pdf.

I love to play violin but learning can be challenging. So much of the “learn to play” music is really simple, too advanced or vast collections of scale exercises. I wanted exercises which sounded melodic and also helped me practice various skills.

These 10 violin studies are relatively easy and fun to play. They are not just groups of notes put together. They can all be played in first position. There are a few bowing and fingering indications. Your download includes the violin studies, the piano scores and the set of play-along mp3s.

The audio sample is an excerpt from No. 9. It was digitally produced.

This is Book One of three books of 10 easy, melodic studies. Book one is the easiest of the three books.

Every study can be played alone, with an accompanist or with the optional piano play-along tracks. The mp3s were recorded in strict time, for ease of playing along. If you play the pieces alone or with a live accompanist, feel free to give them your own interpretations.

These studies help you practice your bowing, your rhythm, your note reading, fingering and scale evenness. Playing with the optional accompaniments helps you hear intonation and gives you experience playing in an ensemble, whether your partner is a live accompanist or just your mp3 player.

There are two mp3s included for each study: 

 1.      A piano play-along track in a slower tempo;

 2.      The same piano play-along track, but more up-tempo, for when you have learned a piece, or want to challenge yourself.

Each study includes a piano cue at the beginning, so you know when to start playing if you’re playing with a play-along track or with a pianist.

There are tempo guides on each study. These are for those using the play-along recordings. They match the “slower tempo” and more “up-tempo” versions of the play-along recordings. You can ignore these tempo guides if you’re not playing with the mp3s.

The studies also include a suggested tempo range. Every study can be played faster or slower than indicated, at the discretion of the player.

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