Brass Octet – Ein Musikalischer Spass (A Musical Joke)


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This is a fantastic 8-part brass ensemble arrangement of Mozart’s “A Musical
Joke”. Featuring horns, this well-known tune will be a valuable addition
to any concert programme. Choose your tempo wisely according to how
good your group’s tonguing is! Obviously, the faster the better. 😀
those of you ‘of a certain age’ in the UK it might be better known as
the theme from “Ski Sunday”.
Parts supplied as follows:
Part 1 : 1st. Cornet/Trumpet in Bb (Treble)
Part 2 : 2nd. Cornet/Trumpet in Bb (Treble)
Part 3 : 1st. Horn in F/Eb (Treble)
Part 4 : 2nd. Horn in F/Eb (Treble)
Part 5 : Baritone in Bb/C (Treble/Bass)
Part 6 : Trombone in Bb (Treble/Bass)
Part 7 : Euphonium in Bb (Treble/Bass)
Part 8 :  Eb Bass/BBb Bass/Tuba (Treble/Treble/Bass)

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