Chant d’Adieu (Romance sans Paroles), Op. 77 [by Charles Neudtedt, arr. for Wind Quintet]


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Title: Chant d’Adieu (Romance sans Paroles), Op. 77
Composer: Charles Neustedt (1834-1908)
Arranger: Andrew Lamb

Introducing our exquisite woodwind quintet arrangement of “Chant d’Adieu” composed by the talented Charles Neustedt (1834-1908). This captivating adaptation brings new life to the timeless beauty of the original composition, allowing woodwind ensembles to explore the intricate harmonies and expressive melodies of this cherished piece.

Carefully crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our woodwind quintet arrangement of “Chant d’Adieu” showcases the unique timbres and characteristics of each instrument. From the rich and resonant tones of the flute to the warm and lyrical expressions of the clarinet, oboe, bassoon, and French horn, each voice intertwines to create a harmonious tapestry of sound.

“Chant d’Adieu” is a profoundly moving composition that evokes a range of emotions, from introspection to longing. With its poignant melodies and heartfelt harmonies, this arrangement beautifully captures the essence of the original work, allowing woodwind ensembles to convey the depth and emotional impact of the music.

Whether you are an established woodwind quintet looking to expand your repertoire or a group of passionate musicians seeking an engaging piece to perform, our woodwind quintet arrangement of “Chant d’Adieu” is a remarkable addition to your musical collection. Its versatility makes it suitable for a variety of performance settings, from intimate chamber recitals to formal concert hall performances.

The sheet music for our arrangement is thoughtfully notated, providing clear and accurate scores for each member of the woodwind quintet. Detailed performance instructions and dynamic markings guide musicians to bring out the nuances and emotions within the music, enabling a truly captivating interpretation.

Immerse yourself in the profound beauty of Charles Neustedt’s “Chant d’Adieu” with our woodwind quintet arrangement. Let the enchanting voices of the flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, and French horn intertwine in perfect harmony, taking you and your audience on a captivating musical journey. This arrangement is a treasure trove of expressive possibilities, allowing woodwind ensembles to showcase their artistry and convey the timeless allure of Neustedt’s composition.


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