The Shepherd’s Song (An Ancient Christmas Carol)


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Extra parts included: Tenor Horn, Trombone/Euphonium (treble clef), Eb Bass (treble clef), and Bb Bass (treble clef)

This arrangement of “The Shepherd’s Song (An Ancient Christmas Carol)” by Alexander Guilmant captures the timeless beauty of this cherished piece. Crafted specifically for Brass Quintet, it brings a fresh and captivating interpretation to this beloved French organist and composer’s work.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting melodies and harmonies as they resonate through the triumphant blend of brass instruments. The arrangement skillfully showcases the quintessential sound of the brass ensemble, allowing each instrument to shine individually while blending harmoniously together.

Perfect for the holiday season, this arrangement of “The Shepherd’s Song” adds a touch of grandeur and festivity to any Christmas gathering. Whether performed in a church service, a holiday concert, or simply for personal enjoyment, the arrangement evokes a sense of joy and reverence that captures the spirit of the season.

Experience the power and grace of this timeless carol as it is beautifully reimagined for brass quintet. The arrangement provides a delightful musical journey, evoking images of shepherds on a starlit night, guiding listeners through a tapestry of emotions and uplifting them with its captivating melodies.

Indulge in the rich timbre and majestic sound of the brass quintet, brought to life through the meticulous arrangement of “The Shepherd’s Song.” This arrangement is a must-have for brass musicians and enthusiasts, offering a refreshing and inspiring addition to their repertoire.

Embrace the spirit of Christmas with this exceptional brass quintet arrangement of “The Shepherd’s Song (An Ancient Christmas Carol)” by Alexander Guilmant. Let the music transport you to a place of wonder and celebration, as you create cherished memories during the holiday season and beyond.


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