William Montgomery | A Dream (arr. for Clarinet Quintet)


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🎼 A Dream – Clarinet Quintet Adaptation 🎢

Elevate your musical experience with this enchanting adaptation of ‘A Dream’ by the renowned Scottish-Canadian composer William Augustus Montgomery. 🌟 Immerse yourself in the rich harmonies and expressive melodies as they come to life through the unique instrumentation of this Clarinet Quintet.

🎭 Instrumentation:
Part 1: Clarinet in Eb, Clarinet in Bb
Part 2: Clarinet in Bb
Part 3: Clarinet in Bb, Alto Clarinet in Eb, Basset Horn
Part 4: Alto Clarinet in Eb, Bass Clarinet in Bb, Basset Horn
Part 5: Bass Clarinet in Bb

🌈 Flexibility in Choice:
This arrangement provides flexibility in choosing instruments, allowing you to showcase the depth and versatility of your ensemble. 🎺

🌟 Level of Difficulty: Medium
Suitable for intermediate players, this arrangement challenges musicians while ensuring an accessible and enjoyable performance.

🎢 Potential Uses:
Perfect for concert or recital settings, this arrangement adds a touch of sophistication to your repertoire. Additionally, it serves as a captivating Introductory Voluntary for a memorable Church Service.

🌐 Discover the Dream:
Embark on a musical journey with ‘A Dream’ Clarinet Quintet Adaptation – where passion and precision harmonize.

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