Bassoon Quartet – Horn Piece

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An original horn quartet inspired by a conversation about writing for
horns. There are three movements. After some time, I decided to see if
this would work well on woodwinds and lo and behold, it sits really
nicely on bassoon.

The first movement is called Canon. It consists of a simple theme that is
presented in imitation by each of the four ‘voices’ first at 2 bar
intervals then, in inversion at four bar intervals and then in the
original form at one bar intervals. There is a linking fanfare-like
passage before the final statement of the original motif with
fanfare-like adaptations.

The second movement is called Lullaby.
The elegant, drifting melody is passed around the four players with a
largely chordal accompaniment pattern that needs to be played sotto voce
at all times. The tempo is marked Largo, but it is still one-in-a-bar.

The third movement is called Hullabaloo-haloo-haloo. While it is based on a
6/8 cantering rhythm, there is a lot of variation in both the
accompaniment and the melody. Again, all the lines have a lot of
interest, nobody has to play simple um-chucks, and there’s even a solo
for the Contra  at the end.

This is a really enjoyable and exciting new addition to the Bassoon quartet repertoire.

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