Clear Sky (Flexible instrumentation) No 3 in the Encounter Series


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Clear Sky (Part of the Encounter Series)

After some tough times, during the pandemic, we’re all looking forward to some happier times.” Clear Sky” is that feel-good, optimistic music that we all need to kick start a music recovery.

NB. the video uses the old series name.

Educational Aspects:

The music contains  musical features that could be pointed  out to students:

Rondo Form
• To B – Section A
• B – Section B (with triplet motif )
• D – Section A1
• E – Section C (develops bar 30 idea)
• Bar 58 – Section D
• F – Section A2
• Bar 72 – Coda
Pedal Point – Start of the A section
Dynamic contrast: pp crescendo bar 62
Homophonic texture – 58 is a good example
Imitation or antiphonal texture – E section
Perfect Cadence— bar 74 to 75 (and many other places)


The Encounter Series is a set of original compositions in a flexible format. The pieces can be performed with a minimum of three musicians (covering parts 1-3) and backing tracks. However, the piece enables you to expand to full school orchestra.

Flexible instrumentation:

Included in the download: full score with all parts; a short score showing parts 1 to 4 (concert pitch instruments) and piano; All instrument parts; 4 mp3s are included; reference mp3; drums only;  drums and piano: drums, piano and bass.

The three backing tracks have a two bar click lead-in.

NB. Parts 1 to 3 are equal in difficulty.

Part 1:

Flute / Oboe, Bb Clarinet, Bb Trumpet, Violin

Part 2:

Bb Clarinet, Bb Trumpet/Euphonium/Trombone, Bass clef Euphonium/Trombone, Alto Saxophone/Eb Tenor Horn, Violin

Part 3:

Bb Clarinet, Bb Trumpet/Euphonium/Trombone, Bass clef Euphonium/Trombone, Tenor Saxophone, French Horn, Eb Tenor Horn, Violin, Viola

Part 4:

‘Cello/Double Bass/Tuba/Bass Guitar, Eb Bass, Bb Bass

Part H: (Simple harmony part for beginners)

Parts in C, Bb, Eb and Bass clef concert pitch (for Trom / Eup)

Keyboard right hand with guitar chords


Piano, Drum Kit

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