“Cocktails” For Clarinet Choir


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Cocktails is a lazy, bluesy, jazzy relaxing style piece scored for Clarinet in E flat, 3 B flat Clarinets, Alto and Bass Clarinet. It is in a relaxed 12/8 with plenty of lush harmonies. It is in concert C major in ternary form (middle section in E flat major) and a small coda. I have set it to intermediate level as most of the rhythmic work is quarter notes and eighths. It could be a useful for gaining experience playing in 12/8 time as well as learning the style. The full score is 9 pages without repeats- parts are 2 pages each and the range of the instruments is about 2 octaves- top part a touch more. The full score is on the youtube link for you to assess suitability. It is 4 mins 37 in length- ideal for concerts, recitals, contests, festivals, occasions, Christmas or just something different to add to the repertoire. Price is for the full score and all parts.

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Christmas, Jazz and Blues, Modern Classical

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