Emus, Tiger Snake and Penguins

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Three pieces for oboe and piano inspired by three Australian animals, the emu, tiger snake and penguin.

 Emus The emu is a large, flightless Australian bird. In 1932 the government decided there were too many of them and sent out troops to get rid of them. After a month they gave up and to this day we can declare it a victory for the emus. Tiger Snake A tiger snake is native to Australia and is known for its aggressive nature and deadly venom. They are most dangerous during breeding season. It is named after the variety of tiger snake that has yellow bands. This piece starts with a snake asleep on a walking path, then wakes up… What does he do?
Penguin Waltz Penguins are also flightless birds that live in the southern hemisphere. They have flippers instead of wings to move through the water. They also have short legs which make them appear like they are waddling when they are walking.

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