The Court Jester. Original for Clarinet Choir.


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The Court Jester is intended as a descriptive piece. The Jester was a member of the household of a nobleman or a monarch employed to entertain guests during royal court. Jesters were also traveling performers who entertained common folk at fairs and town markets, and the discipline continues into the modern day, where jesters perform at historical-themed events.
This piece is in ternary form. The outer sections are to represent the general clowning around and playing pranks as a mischievous Jester does. The middle section by contrast is more lyrical to demonstrate a softer side to the personality, however this quickly transcends back to the final section where jokes, pranks and laughs have their way! 

It should be performed very briskly and lightly to capture the overall feel of the piece. The range in total is two and a half octaves and it is 4.00 minutes in length- Set at Intermediate level, but lots of areas are less so. The whole score is on the youtube link for you to assess suitability.

Price is for the full score and all parts.

A great addition to the repertoire.

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