The Village Wedding (for Brass Trio)

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Introducing “The Village Wedding” (La noce de village) – an exquisite Brass Trio arrangement that breathes new life into Laurent de Rillé’s enchanting French composition. Originally crafted as a secular chorus for 3 voices in 1870, this arrangement has been carefully curated for brass enthusiasts, featuring 2 Trumpets in Bb and 1 French Horn.

With an intermediate level of difficulty, this arrangement strikes a perfect balance between accessibility and captivating musicality. The piece showcases the brilliance of the trumpets and the warm, melodic tones of the French Horn, creating a delightful ensemble that will surely mesmerize both players and listeners alike.

Versatility is the hallmark of “The Village Wedding” arrangement. It’s ideal for concerts, recitals, and educational purposes, making it a valuable addition to any brass trio’s repertoire. Transport your audience to the quaint, picturesque scenes of a French village celebration, as the captivating melodies and harmonies bring the spirit of the occasion to life.

Whether you’re an ensemble seeking to impress in a performance or an educator looking to inspire and teach your students, this arrangement offers a charming musical journey that embraces the rich heritage of French music.

Discover the magic of “The Village Wedding” Brass Trio arrangement, and let the timeless melodies of Laurent de Rillé captivate hearts and minds in an unforgettable musical experience.


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