Butterfly Hunt (for Flute Trio)


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Introducing “Butterfly Hunt” (Chasse aux Papillons), a captivating flute trio arrangement crafted from the imaginative composition by Frenchman Adolphe Danhauser. Originally conceived as a secular chorus, this arrangement now finds new wings in the world of flutes.

With a skill level of advanced-intermediate, “Butterfly Hunt” offers an exciting challenge to flutists seeking to elevate their artistry. The arrangement transforms Danhauser’s whimsical melodies into a dance of three flutes, interweaving their voices to create a harmonious flutter of sound.

Perfect for a range of occasions, from elegant concerts to educational showcases, this arrangement adds a touch of grace and vivacity to any setting. As the flutes playfully recreate the essence of a butterfly hunt, audiences will be transported to a realm of musical delight.

Whether you’re planning a recital to enchant the crowd or aiming to offer your students an opportunity to explore intricate ensemble dynamics, “Butterfly Hunt” is an exceptional choice. Capture the essence of springtime whimsy and the joy of musical camaraderie with this exquisite flute trio arrangement.


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